One of the tricks of Faux HDR capture is that these convert very well to B/W. The reason is simple. In B/W photography, it is all about the contrast and tones. Faux HDR is the same thing except that this is viewed in color. So what happens when you convert a Faux-HDR to B/W? You get richer contrast!

First, you don't need a fancy camera to do this. If you happen to have a shooter like the Olympus Pen or any compact camera that has Dramatic Tone or single shot HDR option, you could very well be on your way to shoot some great b/w still images without having to think about tone and contrast. 

Many of us who want to try shooting b/w end up disappointed because the conversion from color still images to b/w left us wanting more. Chief reason? Lack of contrast. Of course you can dial in the contrast during the post processing stage but that's not the point. You hate doing this because you want a one stop shop and fooling around with your image with the contrast levels could fuck it all up for you. 

So if you are in desperate need of a good b/w image without having to worry about contrast, then use the faux-HDR function. This can be found in all the smartphone camera apps too including my fav, Camera360. 

The deeper contrast and exposed details is what you need to make a great looking b/w photo!


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